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Quarterly Business Review

This system produces totals of gross business income, state and local taxable retail sales, public utility taxes and other taxes reported on the combined excise tax return. For more information on this data visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Beginning with the Quarter 2, 2022 data, accounts were updated from the 2017 to the 2022 edition NAICS classifications to ensure the relevance, accuracy, and timeliness of the classifications. The US Census Bureau updates the NAICS codes every five years. To view the NAICS code series used during a specific query period, click here.

Note: For new NAICS categories added in 2022, Table 1 “Gross Business Income” will not display values or totals for some of the previous quarter data.

What is the difference between SIC and NAICS?


  A complete list of NAICS titles can be seen here.

Detailed Tax Data by Industry and Tax Classification
The detailed tax data represents information reported to the Department of Revenue on Washington's Combined Excise Tax Return (CETR). This information has been summarized by industry and tax classification (i.e. business and occupation wholesaling activity, state retail sales tax, public utility water distribution, etc.). This data is available in both PDF and Excel format for years 1994 to present. More...

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